Imagine Church

imagine-churchWe are beginning a conversation in our Ministry Area about how we can facilitate a new passion to see life and growth in our churches. We are looking for a way forward to help all our congregations to want to explore this in order that we may grow in numbers and in all the good qualities that we would hope for.

So we have invited Rev. Jo Vickery, an Anglican cleric with experience not only of growing churches, but also of this actual area of St Catwg (Crickhowell) Ministry Area. We hope that he will show us things which he has learned, which will prove helpful to us in making our plans and decisions, and will encourage us to explore the exciting possibilities ahead.

To that end therefore, we would like to invite as many members as possible from all our congregations to attend this event on the 16th November at 7pm, in St Edmund’s church, so that we can hear what he has to say,  ask questions, and discuss together what we can do. This will be a beginning, not an end, and something to which we will turn to again in the future as we think ahead.

Please make it a priority to attend, and to encourage other church members in our various congregations to do so also.