Mission Together – Thank You

Mission Together – Thank You

Dear everyone,
Greeting in the name of our lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

I write to express my thanks and appreciation for everyone’s participation in Mission Together 2018.

It has been a pleasure to see the ten churches in the Ministry Area working together with each other, and the Lee Abbey team, to share our faith with the whole community, not only inside our churches, but in our schools, care homes, at coffee mornings and toddler groups, as well as at the two major community events; the Ceilidh and the Royal Wedding Street Party.

Special thanks to those who opened their homes to the Lee Abbey Team, both those who offered accommodation, and those who offered meals. Your generosity was much appreciated by the Team, who commented about the welcome they received across the MA in glowing terms.

We were fortunate to receive a grant from the Diocesan Mission Fund to help us stage the Ceilidh, and the Royal Wedding Party, and as part of the conditions of receiving that grant, we are required to ask for feedback from as many people as possible. If you have any comments, either positive or negative, about any part of the mission, but particularly those two events, please would you send by email to Annabelle Elletson a.elletson@btinternet.com

Many thanks again for your enthusiasm,

Rana Khan
Ministry Area Leader
St. Catwg (Crickhowell) Ministry Area