Pray for Beach Missions

Pray for Beach Missions

Beach missions are taking place all over the UK and in fact all over the world. Please pray for their work as they take this opportunity to reach out to people on holiday. Here are some prayer points to focus on:

Freedom and wisdom. Pray that authorities will resist calls to silence the church outside places of worship, and pray for wisdom for those speaking at missions that they will be sensitive and that they will be given the right words to deliver the message about Jesus with the heart and love of God.

Carl in Newquay as he leads the mission there next week. There is a strong secularist presence there which opposes these missions.

Good listening. That people will hear the Word and respond to it. The offer of hope, peace, joy and faith is appealing but it does also require repentance and obedience.

Follow-up. The work of beach missions is often to sow to word, and these people need good follow-up back at home, and to receive the message of Jesus’ saving love through the cross. Pray for the raising up of many lights, of Gospel witnesses in every place.

Planning for next year for missions and camps, that those involved would not be too reliant on what has worked in previous years but always be open to hearing God’s call and direction to follow a new path.