A Message from Rana

A Message from Rana

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour! This is a challenging time for all of us. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has forced us into new realities. Many of us, at St. Catwg Ministry Area, are taking precautionary steps, some of us have already isolated ourselves. As of now, I am grateful to report that members of our ministry team are well, and are trying to do whatever they can in a different way to continue our ministry and mission.

We intend for most of our churches to remain open during the day, as usual, as a quiet space for private prayer, and we ask that visitors maintain a safe distance from anyone else in the building.

We also need to pray and plan – because we are aware that times of uncertainty have a history of breeding segregation, suspicion, selfishness and many other things against which our Lord Jesus has taught us to stand up to.

At this challenging time, we need to look after ourselves as we pray for others. Identify something that makes you feel better and do it … our fellowship with God through prayer is the best thing to do.

Here at the Ministry Area office, we are accumulating information along with the Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau about those who may need help so that we can continue our ministry to support our congregations and the communities, differently. If you know of someone in your congregation who would like one of the following, please let Katy, me or one of the Ministry Team members know.

  • Pastoral phone calls
  • A hard copy or emailed version of an order of service for morning/evening prayer to use at home
  • Urgent Pastoral Support

If you feel able to offer support to our congregations, again, please let Katy or me know. We intend to make available a service of worship at 10:45am each Sunday on the St. Edmund’s website.

Fear has too often created unnecessary panic, so let’s counter that tendency, so that together we can keep fear at bay.

In the Love of Christ our Lord,

Rana Khan, Rector and Ministry Area Leader of St. Catwg (Crickhowell)