Tearfund Response

Tearfund Response

This message was received from Tearfund and outlines their response to the current coronavirus crisis.

Oddi Praise Ninziza, of FECABU, teaches villagers in Mutaho, Burundi, how to use a tippy tap for washing hands and maintain good hygiene.

To slow the spread of the virus and limit its impact on people living in poverty, we have launched crucial resources to help our teams, church partners and networks to support communities. They contain lifesaving health advice, as well as ways to help people stay calm.

These resources have already been translated into four widely spoken languages – with plans for more – and are being shared as you read this. They’ve gone to 250 of our partners already, which will benefit up to 15,000 local churches and their wider communities. Let’s pray these will be powerful in protecting people from harm and fear.

Our teams around the world are also working hard to adapt their plans and make new ones to tackle the pandemic, focusing on the clean water and crucial safe hygiene practices needed to limit the spread of coronavirus. Please pray for wisdom as they do this. Many of them are working amid the same challenges of isolation and lockdown as we’re experiencing here in the UK.

Please give now to support this work.

These are difficult times for all of us. But the best possible response we can make is to continue to trust in God, sharing his perfect, powerful love that drives out all fear, and serving one another more courageously than ever.