Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020

Reflections on Morning Prayer – Week 15

Are there any fans of Liverpool football club out there? As victory in the Premiership became a reality, how did their supporters celebrate? Apart from the usual excesses of alcohol and laddish behaviour, it was their singing that came immediately to our attention. Singing is one of the first things we love to do when there is something to celebrate – wishing a Happy Birthday would not be the same without the music to accompany it! Our liturgy takes us… [Continue Reading]

Reflections on Morning Prayer – Week 14

Last week we were reminded of the continued failings of humankind, and the need for a once and for all sacrifice by Jesus on the cross. The next phrase makes clear that this action, some 2,000 years ago, is something each one of us can rely upon: May God our Father…pardon and deliver us from all our sins,and grant us the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. Amen. These words are sometimes spoken by a priest in the form… [Continue Reading]

Reflections on Morning Prayer – Week 13

This week, we come to the heart of our faith, the confidence we can have in our salvation. Included in the liturgy, is a statement of reconciliation which God brought about by the incarnation of Jesus: May God our Father,who by our Lord Jesus Christhas reconciled the world to himselfand forgives the sins of all who truly repent But what do we mean by reconciliation, and how has it been achieved? The dictionary says that reconciliation is about the “restoration… [Continue Reading]

News from Jordan

Dear All, We getting in touch to share some really wonderful news with you. Nora Ruth Kelling was born at 23:38 on Saturday night, 6th June 2020, weighing 3.84kg (8lb 7oz) and 54cm long. This meant she came out into the world on the day that lockdown ended here in Jordan, and on the eve of Eastern Pentecost (which all churches in Jordan celebrate together), which seems apt! Both Nora and Fiona are doing well after an initial bout of… [Continue Reading]

Reflections on Morning Prayer – Week 12

There’s a chill in the air as we come to what may for some be the most challenging section of our Morning Prayers. We are truly sorry. In your mercy, forgive us. Help us to amend our lives; that we may delight in your will and walk in your ways, to the glory of your name. Amen. I was reading yesterday on an internet site that more people than ever have taken to book reading during the pandemic, and it… [Continue Reading]

Love being articulated

Love is an intricate human expression which can not simply be explained through logic, science or mathematics. It is a unique virtue, dominantly possessed by humans instead of other living creatures. Love has been immensely reviewed through the age of literature. It is a simple concept which branches into all sectors of life; whether that means love of a person, love of beauty etc. However, in the opinions of billions perhaps the most significant type of love is the divine…. [Continue Reading]

Views from Bluebell Wood

Before May disappears, we thought we’d share a few glimpses of the beautiful Bluebell Wood above Crickhowell. Despite the lockdown, we have been able to enjoy our daily walks, sometimes along the river, canal or, especially during May, through the Bluebell Wood. The leaf canopy is much thicker now providing welcome shade from the heat of the last few days. The bluebells have faded now but other groundcover is coming through together with other flowers. The birdsong has been wonderful… [Continue Reading]

Reflections on Morning Prayer – Week 11

After reading Jesus’ identification of the two most important commandments, if we are honest, we are immediately aware of the impossibility of living them out consistently every day. We may not always immediately recall the occasions when we have not put God first or preferred to please ourselves rather than serve other people, but what about those negative thoughts and attitudes we’ve had about folk… So…Let us confess our sins to the Father and seek his pardon and peace. Almighty… [Continue Reading]