Tearfund Christmas Cards

Tearfund Christmas Cards

A message from Tearfund about Christmas cards … already!

It’s that time of year again – time to stock up on Tearfund Christmas cards!

Since you’ve generously helped promote Tearfund’s cards and gifts, we wanted to let you know that our new designs for Christmas 2020 are now available.

Unfortunately, due to coronavirus and the risk of multiple people handling the cards, we are unable to supply sample packs this year.

We also won’t be sending out a card catalogue, but our new range of Christmas card designs can be seen in the September issue of Tear Times. We’ve also included an order form with the magazine.

If you don’t receive Tear Times or would prefer to order Christmas cards online, please visit our distributor’s website.

We are sad to say that this is the last year that we will be selling Tearfund Christmas cards through our online distributor, Potters House. The main reason for this decision is that fewer people are buying and sending Christmas cards, so we are looking into other ways to fundraise.

Please take this opportunity to buy the cards while they are still available, and let your church and friends know that this is their last chance to buy.

We would like to sincerely thank you for supporting our work around the world by purchasing and promoting Tearfund Christmas cards over the years. Your support has made a real difference to those living in poverty, and we truly hope that you will continue to stay connected with us.

Alison is willing to order Christmas cards on behalf of anyone who wishes to buy them from Tearfund while they are still available. She would need to have an order emailed ASAP so as to make a single large order. Alternatively, please look at the Potter’s House website and order as an individual.