Worship at Home

Worship at Home

The church congregations are encouraged to join with the wider church in morning, midday and evening Prayers and in using the lectionary readings during the week. Every evening at 7.00pm light a candle in your window and pray together. Say the Grace looking out through your window. We would use the same prayer we used on Sunday.

Prayer Resources

Morning Prayer is the ideal way to start the day. It focuses our minds on God and provides a space to pray for those we love and those in need.

This short service of Midday Prayer comes from the Northumbria Community. It is short enough to say as you walk around the kitchen getting your lunch ready.

Evening Prayer brings the day to a close, perhaps with the lighting of a candle.

For the Mon/Tue/Wed evenings in Holy Week we will instead be using the service of Night Prayer, or Compline.

If you need any further resources, please get in touch with Julian or Sally.