Homegroups Barbeque
  • 11 Beaufort Avenue,
    Llangattock NP8 1PN

  • 11 Beaufort Avenue

Homegroups Barbeque

To mark the changing of the seasons the Beaufort Avenue Homegroup are holding a barbecue. It’s not just for members of our group – anyone who has been a member of any homegroup anywhere, or is now, or might conceivably be at some time in the future, is welcome to join us. Friends from other parishes in the Ministry Area will be especially welcome.

The evenings will be drawing in by then so we will be starting at 7:00pm because we don’t want to end up cooking in the dark.

If you would like to come then please contact Peter & Gill Madley on 01873 812318. Offers of salads or puddings would be appreciated. We do hope that people from your groups can join us!