Sermons from August 2018

Sermons from August 2018

Learning to think spiritually

In the last of this section on John’s Gospel we look again at Jesus the Bread of Life and at how Jesus was trying to get his audience to look beyond the physical and see their own spiritual needs and their need of a deeper, persistent connection with God, through Jesus.

Jesus the Living Bread

Revd Bashir Masih Gill, a pastor at one of South Korea’s Megachurches, speaks to us about our need to feed daily on Jesus the Word of God.

Jesus the Bread of Life

Jesus as the bread of life is a well known phrase. Here Rana explores some of the themes of sharing and justice associated with it, and how Jesus is just as essential to us as the very food we eat.

The Ministry of All Believers

Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, speaks of God’s grace being given to all believers in different ways to equip each one of them for works of service.