Sermons from June 2019

Sermons from June 2019

The Power of Jesus

The story of the madman and the pigs is well known, but it’s not all about the pigs, nor even all about the man who was healed. This is a demonstration of Jesus’ power over evil, and something we all need to know more of, and to make make more use of every day.

Trinity Sunday 2019

Today is both Trinity Sunday and Fathers’ Day. Rana explores some links between the two.

Pentecost 2019

At Pentecost we celebrate the giving of the Holy Spirit, remembering how it empowered the disciples and made them Apostles – those sent to tell the good news. We also commissioned a new evangelism team – TELUSK, Touching Every Life in the Usk Valley – to go out and share the good news, here, today.