Sermons from September 2019

Sermons from September 2019

Angels on Earth

On the feast of St Michael, celebrated together as a whole ministry area in St Michael’s, Cwmdu, Revd Dr Mark Clavier talks about our sometimes unknowing interaction with angels.

God and Money

The parable of the shrewd (or dishonest) manager is one which is hard to understand, but the story ends with the warning “you cannot serve both God and money”. Barry looks at the priorities in our lives and asks “what would Jesus say?”

The Lost Coin

From our earliest moments as a baby playing peek-a-boo, being lost and found, losing and finding, is part of the very fabric of our lives. Janet explores the story of the lost sheep and the lost coin from different angles.

Racial Justice Sunday

John Newton wrote the hymn Amazing Grace after he realised the evils of the slave trade he was involved with and, together with William Wilberforce, worked tirelessly to restore justice. And yet today slavery is still present in our world, even in our own country. The challenge of racial justice and intolerance is ever with us and challenges us to act in accordance with God’s principles.

Take the Lower Place

Society in Jesus’ day was much concerned with status and guests at a meal were keen to sit at the places of honour on the table. ‘Don’t do that’, says Jesus, showing again the importance of humility in our lives.