Sermons from February 2020

Sermons from February 2020

Listen, Observe, Act

The transfiguration is a strange story but the challenge is to do as God commanded the disciples. This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him! Mark 9:7

Salt and Light

Where does the word salary come from and how was salt used in the Roman world of Jesus’ time? These are just some of the questions Rana asks as he looks at these parables of Jesus.

Anna Chaplains

This week’s reading from Luke’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ presentation at the temple, and the way he was received by two older people. We don’t know exactly how old Simeon was, but we are told that Anna was 84 – and this in an age when life expectancy was a lot less than it is now. Sally tells of her own ministry to older people, and in particularly about Anna Chaplaincy, one of the BRF ministries whose name… [Continue Reading]