Challenging the Mainstream

Challenging the Mainstream

One of the reasons Jesus became unpopular with the religious authorities of the day was that he was always challenging their mainstream views and traditional stance. And yet, 2000 years later, Christianity is viewed by many as the mainstream. How could we think differently and view the world through God’s eyes today, rather than rely solely on the view handed down?

We sang an old and perhaps less familiar hymn as part of this service, which has some challenging words by Horatius Bonar.

Your way, not mine, O Lord,
whatever it may be:
lead me by your own hand,
choose out the path for me.

Smooth let it be or rough,
it will be still the best;
by winding paths or straight
it leads me to your rest.

I dare not choose my life,
I would not if I might:
O choose for me, my God;
your choice is sure and right.

Then fill my cup, O Lord,
according to your will,
with sorrow or with joy:
you choose my good or ill.

Not mine but yours the choice
in things both great and small!
for you shall be my guide,
my wisdom and my all.