Pastoral Visiting

Pastoral Visiting

Perhaps the most important job for any church is the spiritual care for all those in the parish, whether they attend church or not. Life is not always as smooth as we would like it to be and there are times when we all need a little help. The Lay Pastoral Visiting team helps to provide pastoral care for those who are isolated or in particular need.

Members of the team visit individuals in their own home, hospital or care home and offer time and friendship on a regular basis. They help to keep people in touch with what’s going on in the church and act as a link between the church and the community.

They also take church services in care homes for those who would like to join in regular worship but who are unable to attend church.

The Team supports social activities in the community. This includes arranging an activity afternoon once a month at the local care home and meeting regularly for Saturday coffee at the local retirement housing facility.

The team is led by our Deacon, Revd Sally Rees. Please contact her on 01873 811332 if you wish to discuss the team’s involvement witha particular pastoral need.