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Sermon Archive

Easter Day 2019

As we celebrate Jesus’ rising again on Easter Day, we reflect on the different responses of the disciples.
Palm Sunday is the high point of the arc of Holy Week, a path which takes the disciples from jubilation to despair. We view all this from the safe distance of history, but we need somehow to immerse ourselves in what went on at that most crucial point in time.

Learning to See God on the Other Side

Jesus’ teaching and actions often brought him into conflict with those who thought God was on their side, and their side alone. There are many examples of this ‘on our side’ thinking throughout the Bible, and yet Jesus comes to break down barriers.

From that day no-one dared to ask him any more questions

Dr Muthuraj Swamy reflects on Jesus’ conversations during the Holy Week ‘And from that day no-one dared to ask him any more questions’ Dr Swamy is Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide, and Project Manager for Theological Education for Mission in the Anglican Communion. He was a theological educator in India, and the author of ‘Reconciliation’, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2019.

Change Your Focus

… from earth to heaven, from down to up. When we are faithful to our citizenship of heaven then we can fulfil our mission on earth.

The Temptations of Jesus

The temptations of Jesus in the wilderness are often seen as generic classes of temptation: material needs, power, immortality. But they are much more than that. Satan was attacking Jesus’ mission by trying to misdirect him into changing his priorities and shifting focus away from the Kingdom.

Ash Wednesday 2019

The prophet Joel issues a challenge to Israel and to us to repent and return to the Lord with all our hearts.

Transfiguration Sunday 2019

Luke’s gospel recounts the strange story of Jesus’ journey up the mountain with Peter, James and John, where he appears in blinding light with Moses and Elijah and the voice of God is heard from a cloud. Our own stories are much less dramatic but nevertheless important.

Simeon and Anna

At Candlemas we celebrate the presentation of the infant Jesus in the temple as told in Luke 2, and especially his welcome by two people, Simeon and Anna, who had been waiting faithfully for a lifetime to see the fulfilment of God’s promise through the prophets.

Holocaust Memorial Sunday

Today is Holocaust Memorial Sunday and also Homeless Sunday. In the midst of a troubled world we need more than ever to rediscover the Word of God for ourselves and live our lives by His standard.