Prayer Chain

For those who are unaware of the Prayer Chain, it is a quiet ministry. There are 28 households (= 35 people) in the church signed up to pray for any requests from the congregation. This is done wherever you are, whenever you receive the email or text. You do not have to be with anyone else. Your prayers make a difference and we have seen that happen. The requests come to me (Mell) by phone, text or email. They are confidential and are only shared within the group. People do not know who else is in the group and it is not a matter for gossip. We never meet as a group. This is done in the privacy of your relationship with God. The only request is as a member of the prayer chain you do your part faithfully to pray for that person.

If you would like to be part of the prayer chain and are willing to be faithful in keeping confidentiality and praying, then contact me. Requests will be sent through your preferred method of text or email. Make sure I have the details.

If you should have a prayer request, please contact me and it will be circulated to our members. We shall certainly pray for you.

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