End of Life

In ordinary circumstances, our own death is something that we come to accept as part of our distant future. As such, we put off thinking about those matters that surround the transition from life to death and are left to make choices in a hurry if at all.

For Christians, through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we believe that death is not the end, but a moment of transition from the life that we live on Earth to one in a closer presence with God in Heaven. Whilst we believe that death is not the end, it is nonetheless an event that demands spiritual preparation and some plans made beforehand. Making plans for your death and funeral will be a source of much comfort to those whom you leave behind – as they will want to know that when the time comes, they will do what you would have wanted.

If you have lost a loved one and would like the funeral to take place in St Edmund’s Church, please do come and talk to us. Even if you or your loved one are not worshippers here, we would still be honoured to open our doors to you.

Please contact Revd. Rana Khan.

You can find more information about funerals on the Church in Wales website.