Friends of St Edmund’s

Friends of St Edmund’s

Friends of St Edmund’s

The church building and churchyard are important for our town:

  • as an ancient listed building and enduring place of worship
  • defining the place and its history
  • a resource to support the life of the community
  • providing a strong landmark and visual identity
  • available for key stages in our family lives
  • visited daily by visitors and tourists
  • helping people trace their ancestral history
  • a haven of peace reminding us of our sacred heritage

The Church in Wales is not responsible for the maintenance of local church buildings. Regular church-goers contribute generously, but the church building will only survive with the financial support of a wide-range of local people. That’s why we need your help.

The Friends of St Edmund’s Scheme

We would like to work in partnership with businesses and local people in the town who may not regularly attend services, but who value their church building in other ways. We need your help to deliver a programme of essential repairs to the ancient fabric and improve the building so that it is suitable for the use of future generations.

We want to engage creatively with our Friends, to share ideas and make the most of the potential of our church building for everyone. You may be able to offer your time and skills to help us in putting these projects into action.

Find out more about how you can become involved by reading the prospectus. If you would like to become a Friend, please print and fill in the application form.

Find out more on our Friends’ News Page.