Data Protection

Data Protection

On 25 May 2018 the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force and this page contains a number of resources to explain what these are about and how we as a church are complying with them.

Explaining GDPR

This presentation was originally made to the PCC of St Edmund’s to explain the new regulations and how they affect us as a church.

Privacy Notices

Our general privacy notice explains what data we collect and what your rights are. We also have a separate privacy notice for this website which contains more detail on information collected here and use of cookies. These two documents are the ones people need to look at to find out how we use their personal data, and it would be good practice to cite the URL of the general privacy notice on forms we use to collect data.

Contributor Release

Because of the universal accessibility of online services and events, we are required to get those taking part in such events to sign a contributor release form, giving permission for their video to be broadcast. There is an accompanying contributor privacy notice which explains the terms.

Data Protection Policy

Our data protection policy is an internal document which explains how we go about complying with the regulation, and when we need to get consent. This is a reference document for us to know what to do when we want to collect personal data for any purpose, and also a record of the legal basis for our data use, should anyone query it in future.