News from Jordan

Dear All,

We getting in touch to share some really wonderful news with you.

Nora Ruth Kelling was born at 23:38 on Saturday night, 6th June 2020, weighing 3.84kg (8lb 7oz) and 54cm long. This meant she came out into the world on the day that lockdown ended here in Jordan, and on the eve of Eastern Pentecost (which all churches in Jordan celebrate together), which seems apt! Both Nora and Fiona are doing well after an initial bout of jaundice that we hope we have seen the back of. We’ve been well taken care of with food, vitamins and nappies arriving from clergy and congregations of both our churches here, and it has been wonderful to feel surrounded in prayer at this time.

Looking ahead, please continue to pray for Nora’s development, Fiona’s recovery from pregnancy and labour, and for Aidan as he continues to adjust to having a little sister in his life (he’s done really well so far, wanting to kiss and hug her, but has also been acting out a bit, though it’s hard to tell what is Nora and what is being a 2 year old!)

Thanks so much for your support at this time,

Grace and Peace,

Joel, Fiona, Aidan and Nora