Sermons by Jeremy Bevan

Sermons by Jeremy Bevan

Sunday 9 August

Julian Stedman leads worship from St Elli’s Church, Llanelly and the sermon is by Revd Jeremy Bevan.

Sunday 28 June

Revd. Jeremy Bevan preaches and presides at this service of Holy Communion from St Elli’s Church, Llanelly, led by Julian Stedman.

Sunday 26 April

Ann Williams leads worship from St Catwg’s church, Llangattock with a talk by Revd Jeremy Bevan.

Maundy Thursday 2020

Revd. Jeremy Bevan leads this service from St Elli’s Church, Llanelly, which focuses on Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, and his final betrayal.

Let God speak

Do not harden your hearts, but let God speak to you by His Spirit. He is waiting for us to listen …

We are not forgotten

The mighty God who created everything on earth and in the heavens will never forget us and will always care for us.