Sermons on Discipleship

Bible Sunday 2018

To find life in all its fullness is to follow Jesus, and to do that is to follow the word of God as revealed in the Bible.

Who is the greatest?

On the way to Capernaum the disciples argue amongst themselves about which of them is the greatest. Rana looks at the place greatness and ambition have in life today.

Learning to think spiritually

In the last of this section on John’s Gospel we look again at Jesus the Bread of Life and at how Jesus was trying to get his audience to look beyond the physical and see their own spiritual needs and their need of a deeper, persistent connection with God, through Jesus.

The Ministry of All Believers

Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, speaks of God’s grace being given to all believers in different ways to equip each one of them for works of service.

Farewell to Peter & Gill

Peter Madley preaches his last sermon as a regular member of St Edmund’s and talks about the teaching that’s been important over the years. And Gill tells a story to illustrate what we’re all here for.

Thomas – from Doubter to Defender

Thomas, forever known as Doubting Thomas, often seems to be one of the weaker disciples. History tells a different story as we hear how Thomas went on to become one of the greatest evangelists of his time.

The Last Supper

Eucharist, the Lord’s supper, the breaking of bread, Communion, Mass: these are all names used to describe the meal that Jesus instituted Passover meal with his disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem. Peter looks at what happened and what it means for us.

The Conversion of St Paul

Jesus heard God’s voice: ‘this is my son with whom I am well pleased‘. Saul also heard God’s voice: ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?‘ but it was a voice which transformed him. God still speaks today and if we will only listen we too can hear his message and be transformed.

Barnabas, Son of Encouragement

Paul was accompanied at the start of his Ministry by Joseph, nicknamed Barnabas or Son of Encouragement. Rana looks at the ministry of Barnabas and the qualities that made his quiet and unassuming work so important to the early church.

The Gifts of the Magi

We know relatively little about the Magi, when they arrived, how many there were or even whether they were all men. But we know they brought gifts and this point has resonances today.

Time’s Up!

The messages of John the Baptist and of Jesus are ones of urgency. The time to act is now! After John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee preaching the Message of God: “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here. Change your life and believe the message.”Mark 1:14-15, The Message