Sermons by Mairwen Large

Sermons by Mairwen Large

Are you watching carefully?

The readings today tell us to watch carefully for the signs of the times, though it also says that only God Himself knows when the end of all things will be. Mairwen challenges us to be watchful, not just for signs but for the opportunities that God is also presenting to us. A video clip was shown during the sermon which you can see here

Jesus the Teacher

So as families up and down the country today are preparing for the onslaught of getting their children ready for school and sewing on the labels in to the new school uniform I thought I would reflect on how we teach and learn. It was in June 1987 – almost exactly 30 years ago – that I qualified as a teacher. In those days we spent a lot of time designing…

With One Voice

With the Tower of Babel, God deals with rebellious humankind by giving them different languages so they can no longer understand each other. In Acts 2 we see all those different languages being used by the Spirit to tell the world about Jesus. What once divided, now unites.

The Prophets

The prophets were men of God who were open channels for the messages that God had to share with mankind. They were not predicting the future – they were waiting for the time when God’s promise to the Patriarchs would come to fruition.

Children and Families Worker Presentation

In September, to mark the end of my first year of employment as a children and families worker,  I made a presentation to the PCC. When I listed my workload, it transpired that few people round the table had any idea what I did on any other day of the week barring Sunday and they felt the wider church should know.  So here is a whistle-stop tour of my main activities in…