Gift from Catherine Young

Following our Lent Lecture with Rt Revd Dr Rowan Williams, we were sent these two portraits by iconographer Catherine Young, showing William Wilberforce and Olaudah Equiano, two of the main movers behind the movement to abolish the slave trade. Icons are windows or doors into eternity. As you look at the saint s/he is looking back at you. It becomes both an encouragement and a challenge; ‘This is who I am. Now find out who you are.’ Catherine Young

Ten Principles for Climate Repentance

Introduction by Archbishop Lord Rowan Williams As religious leaders we offer our voice as a contribution to the gathered leaders and to humanity. Ours is a voice of hope and unity, grounded in a spiritual vision. We seek to give hope and meaning to faiths, groups and individuals struggling under the burden of climate anxiety, who seek to find their place and identify their responsibility at this time of crisis. We must also confront honestly the destructive habits which continue… [Continue Reading]

Riding Lights October Production

Riding Lights Theatre Company were asked by the Church in Wales to put together a 90 minute theatre production to communicate the value, significance and relevance of the Bible in a mix of song, humour and moments of poignant drama that would be suitable for all ages (with the caveat that it may be too long for under 8s) and be perfect for inviting friends who don’t normally attend church. See below for dates near you. Riding Lights is raring… [Continue Reading]

Harvest Collection for Brecon Food Bank

The food bank reports an increase in demand for food. The church usually makes donations to the food bank as their offering of thanks for harvest. This year you are invited to bring these items specified by the food bank: Tinned meat (not corned beef) Sponge puddings Deodorant Please bring to church on 25 September. This opportunity will be open until the items are taken to Brecon on 4 October The Mission Group

Rogation Sunday 2022

Photographs taken as we went on our prayer walk through Cwmdu, praying for the farmland and animals and for the inhabitants of the village.

News from the Kellings

Joel and Fiona write: Since we last wrote to you we have had our share of wonder and encouragement as well as frustration and exhaustion, with the emergence of ‘Omicron’ and our oft-repeated but still surprising complaint of the incredible cold of winter in Jordan! Read the newsletter

Foodbank Easter Collection

Brecon Food Bank have specified items they suggest for the Easter donation. I am suggesting that homegroups collect the items between them and make up the complete bag ready to be taken before Easter. Brecon Food Bank Lent Appeal As usual at Easter each year, the folk of St Edmund’s Church are invited to donate suitable items to the Food Bank. This chart lists the items that are needed. Home groups are invited to collect the items between their people… [Continue Reading]

Brecon Food Bank

Brecon Foodbank opened in July 2014. Since then we have given out 2701 food parcels. We have fed 6056 people, comprising 3801 adults and 2255 children. We have been given 80543.22kg food & toiletries and have given out 76996.97kg food & toiletries. In 2020 we gave out 716 food parcels. We fed 1850 people, comprising 1044 adults and 806 children. We were given 26263.55kg food & toiletries and gave out 25048.95kg food & toiletries. This was an increase of 331… [Continue Reading]

Season of Remembering

Are you struggling to cope with the death of someone close to you? provides a comprehensive website hub of bereavement support and information for anyone struggling with their grief and for those supporting bereaved people. You can easily search and find support from the many hundreds of services listed, confident that the details are accurate and up to date, cover the whole of the UK and offer choices across the full range of support available. Don’t struggle alone –… [Continue Reading]

Easter Foodbank

A message from the Brecon Foodbank: We are planning to give Easter eggs and cakes to our clients in the week before Easter, so donations of these would be welcome but we need them by the previous Friday please, that’s March 26th. Any extras will be give out after the Easter holiday. You can also donate food items as usual. The latest list of needs is on the foodbank website. Please put any donations in the box in Crickhowell News… [Continue Reading]