Canterbury Cathedral, the miraculous draft of fishes

Pushing the Boundaries

This morning’s Gospel reading is Luke 5.1-11, the story of the miraculous catch and the calling of the first disciples. John’s Gospel doesn’t have this story but there is a remarkable parallel right at the end. After the resurrection, after they’ve met with Jesus several times, Peter decides to go and fish. Afterwards Jesus appeared again to his disciples, by the Sea of Galilee. It happened this way: Simon Peter, Thomas (also known as Didymus), Nathanael from Cana in Galilee,… [Continue Reading]


This poem by Gideon Heugh appears in Tearfund’s Lent Devotional for 2018, a poignant picture of the hope which children bring to the harshness of life. She looks at the arid earth beneath her dusty, bare feet, then up at the heat-squirming horizon. Rain prayers leak from her soul, but do not touch her cracked lips. She balances the heavy urn on her strong, proud head and begins the long journey home, hoping the water won’t harm her children, knowing… [Continue Reading]

New Year, New Vision

Tradition has it that the the month of January is named for the Roman god Janus, usually depicted with two faces, looking both to the future and to the past. And New Year is traditionally a time when we look back at the year just past and forward to the year to come, a time for new beginnings and resolutions for future action. This year we face a major challenge in the maintenance of our church building as we look… [Continue Reading]

Lee Abbey Mission Team Visit

We look forward to welcoming the Lee Abbey mission team for the first time on Sunday 26th November. Mission Chaplain Nick Haigh will be preaching at the 8.15 and 10.45 services and we will hear a testimony from another member of the team at 10.45. This is an exciting time as we look forward to working with the team between Ascension and Pentecost next year. Find out more on the Ministry Area website.

A Tale of Two Churches

Sometime last year, as Mairwen and I were driving, we saw a signpost for a historic church we had both heard about, and having an hour to spare we decided to call in and see it. Following the lane from the main road we soon came across it and went in. Inside all was dark and musty, the walls covered with plaques commemorating the great and the good of years gone by. There was a history sheet to explain who… [Continue Reading]

Devastating Beauty

On Friday my hope died. The sky wept itself dark the ground broke apart and all creation cried for the bloodied innocence hammered into a tree. There were whispers of a torn curtain, but they didn’t reach my ears or mend my mangled heart or stem the bitter tears as we took the body down. On Saturday we grieved, hiding from the troops whom we’d once believed would be overthrown by the carpenter’s boy, who had preached and fed and… [Continue Reading]