A bluetooth beacon

Church History Online

As part of the extensive programme of renovations we have installed a ‘beacon’ system in the church, giving our visitors a flavour of the history of St Edmund’s on their smartphone, if they choose to install the LiveBeacons app. These small beacons are placed near points of interest in the church, and as you move around and get within range of a beacon, the app pops up a web page giving you all the information about that item. Having an… [Continue Reading]
West door from outside

New West Door

St Edmund’s has a new west door, the main entrance to the church. Apart from being a lot more draught-proof, these door let visitors see into our warm and welcoming church, without standing in trepidation, wondering what lies behind the forbidding, dark, solid wood doors we used to have. We are very grateful to the Friends of St Edmund’s for the generous donation that made this possible.

Roof Repairs

We have finally come to the end of one of the most difficult projects we have faced in a long time, a seriously leaking roof. 2017 saw several extended periods of snow and this played havoc with the roof; previously it had been showing some signs of leakage but after these events the problem became severe. This video shows what we found as we came to set up Messy Church in March 2017. It has taken a long time to… [Continue Reading]