Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Be Filled with the Spirit

On the eve of Pentecost we are encouraged to allow the Spirit to fill every part of our lives, that our own experience of God’s Kingdom, his love and his forgiveness. will shine out as a beacon to those we meet. Before this sermon we also heard (and saw) the Lee Abbey team enacting the Pentecost Rap

Jesus’ Kingdom Project

Nick Haigh, mission chaplain from Lee Abbey and team leader for Mission Together 2018, introduces the background of Lee Abbey Devon and talks about Jesus’ Big Project – bring in the kingdom of God. The talk includes a video clip from the film Hacksaw Ridge, which you can watch here.

I have other sheep

Jesus said “I have other sheep that are not of this sheepfold. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.” – John 10:16 In today’s reading we hear Jesus explaining that the Kingdom of God is not an exclusive club but one which is open to all and which welcomes all.

The Power of the Cross

The gospel of life begins with a story about death – death on the cross and death defeated in the resurrection. The story of the cross must lie at the very heart of our mission and outreach. We also heard testimony from Eluned about how God has been at work in her life recently.

Thomas – from Doubter to Defender

Thomas, forever known as Doubting Thomas, often seems to be one of the weaker disciples. History tells a different story as we hear how Thomas went on to become one of the greatest evangelists of his time.

The Last Supper

Eucharist, the Lord’s supper, the breaking of bread, Communion, Mass: these are all names used to describe the meal that Jesus instituted Passover meal with his disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem. Peter looks at what happened and what it means for us.

Mothering Sunday

So many of the attributes of God are expressed by our mothers and those who care for us.

Paul in Athens

Paul in Athens went out on the streets and met people where they were, challenging their ideas and telling them about the real God they were missing out on. This too is our calling today.