Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Sermon Archive (Page 3)

Anna Chaplains

This week’s reading from Luke’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus’ presentation at the temple, and the way he was received by two older people. We don’t know exactly how old Simeon was, but we are told that Anna was 84 – and this in an age when life expectancy was a lot less than it is now. Sally tells of her own ministry to older people, and in particularly about Anna Chaplaincy, one of the BRF ministries whose name… [Continue Reading]

Speaking Freely

Saif ul Malook is the lawyer who saved the Christian woman, Asia Bibi, from death row in Pakistan. He then faced credible death threats himself. His talk addressed freedom of belief and the challenges faced by lawyers who represent the most vulnerable minorities and what the international community can do to support those at risk, particularly those accused of blasphemy. This is a rough transcript the talk. You can listen to a recording of the talk in full using the… [Continue Reading]

The Climate Crisis

The World Economic Forum 2020, held in Davos, was dominated by climate change, although it failed to reach any consensus on what to do about it. Barry looks at what the Bible has to say to us about our rights and responsibilities as global citizens and children of God.

Lamb of God

Near the beginning of John’s Gospel, John the Baptist sees Jesus for the first time and says “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

The Baptism of Jesus

As Jesus was baptised, a voice from heaven said “This is my son with whom I am well pleased”. Is this what God says to each of us as we are baptised? And how can we live up to that unconditional love?

Mary’s Song of Worship

The Magnificat is Mary’s song of praise to God when the angel reveals the extraordinary news that she is to bear God’s son. Our worship too is important, it makes a difference.

John the Baptist

John sends his disciples to ask Jesus ‘are you the Messiah or should we expect someone else?’ We don’t know whether John himself had doubts or whether he wanted his disciples to be reassured after his imminent death. They were all expecting the Messiah, but Jesus, instead of simply saying ‘yes, I am he’, gives them the evidence so they can see the truth for themselves.

Prophecy and Hope

The prophets of the Old Testament were not popular people. They looked odd, they didn’t say what people wanted to hear, but they were God’s messengers. And although we often associate them with messages of gloom and doom, what they brought was hope – a hope that things could be restored and repaired.

One more step along the world

One of the songs chosen for the baptism of baby Lucy was Sidney Carter’s One more step along the world I go. Mairwen reflects on baptism as the beginning of our journey of faith and how our faith sustains us.

Christ the King

Jesus, the shepherd king, showed how a king and leader should love and serve his people.