Sermon Archive (Page 2)

Sermon Archive (Page 2)

Easter Day 2020

Julian Stedman leads this morning’s service from St Catwg’s church in Llangattock as we all come together to celebrate that great day when Jesus was raised from the dead.

Good Friday 2020

Mairwen Large leads a service for all the family and invites us to meet some of the characters from the story.

Maundy Thursday 2020

Revd. Jeremy Bevan leads this service from St Elli’s Church, Llanelly, which focuses on Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, and his final betrayal.

Setting Our Hearts on Fire

Clare Amos, who wrote a Lent course at the invitation of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, found her own heart first ‘burned’ by scripture many, many years ago. After studying theology at Cambridge University, she was privileged to spend two years learning at the École Biblique et Archéologique Francaise Jerusalem. An Anglican by church affiliation, Clare was fortunate enough to be awarded an ecumenical scholarship to study at the École Biblique, which has played a significant role in the… [Continue Reading]

Psalm 121

Psalm 121 is one of the Songs of Ascent, used by worshippers ascending to the Jewish temple, and used by us too today as we focus our eyes upon God.

Listen, Observe, Act

The transfiguration is a strange story but the challenge is to do as God commanded the disciples. This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him! Mark 9:7

Salt and Light

Where does the word salary come from and how was salt used in the Roman world of Jesus’ time? These are just some of the questions Rana asks as he looks at these parables of Jesus.